Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Monster Mythos

A friend of mine in the animation industry recently announce the release of an artbook. Something he'd dedicated a lot of time to bring to fruition. Monster Mythos, a collection of artwork based on theme. I love these types of artist collaborations. It gives us all a chance to see the impressive diversity of the creative human mind.

In his own words..
"Monster Mythos is an art book of legendary beasts, fiends and mystical creatures pulled from folklore all over the world. These spirited tales have been beautifully re-imagined and brought to life by a collective of artists from the animation and illustrative fields. Their hope is to bring the same inspiration and wonder to those who might not have heard of these beasts, as these legends have to generations before."

Dig it man.

Check it out at tikimachine. I'll be picking up my own copy soon.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Two-Headed Chicken Paper Model

This has been a fun project. I began this a couple of years ago when I first discovered the art of paper craft. I had wanted to create a model of my own design that anyone could download, print out, and then build for themselves.

Something that reflected my own style as an artist.

The two-headed chicken is about simplicity of form and color. The design deliberately relies on simple shapes and solid colors.

I think my favorite part are those big-ol feet...

and the curled, pink tongue.

I dig'em man.

This model is available as a FREE download from my website.