Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The dangers of working late into the night

A few days agoe I'd been working late into the night... or rather, early into the wee morning hours of the day to come. As I was driving home, I stopped at a 7-11 for somethingorother. (I've long ago discovered that sleep deprivation consumes enormous amounts of my body's energy reserves. And thus, I find myself craving protein at around 2-3 AM or my body will shut down completely.)

Agreed, that 7-11 isn't the best choice for a nutritious pick-me-up... but hey, it 2 AM after all. Anyway, I know I wasn't thinking clearly. And so I won't bother to attempt to defend my snack choices.

There was a pleasant fellow of Indian or Pakistani descent manning the clerk station that night. And he obviously felt that someone HAD to say SOMETHING to the poor fool who brought the hideous combination of a package of stale crab sushi and a bottle of Nestlie Quick chocolate milk to his counter top.

"Ahhh... are you sure you want to do this?" He implored with obvious concern."

I stared bleary-eyed at the sushi and chocolate milk... then staggered off to a nearby snack display.

"There! That should do it!" I declared. Triumphantly placing a package of spicy pork rinds next to the other items.

Obviously concerned for my sanity as well as my health... the clerk shook his head and rang up my purchases.

As I said before... I was tired.

And NOT thinking clearly.