Sunday, May 16, 2010

the statue

Here's a fun project. What you see in the pics is my own representation of what the 4-toed statue from the TV series "Lost" looks like.

After lots of research watching several episodes of the series..(I'd never watched the show previously)... I drew up some 3-way sketches of the statue and sculpted a 13" tall version using super sculpy.

Once the original sculpture was completed, I used it to make an rtv silicon master-mold.

The project required 10, hand-painted statues and numbered statues that the client plans to present as awards to the finalists of a video contest they've been hosting.

I think they turned out really nice. In fact, the client was pleased enough with the results that they ended requesting another set of 8 statues cast in ebony black.

Working on it now...

I'll post more images in a bit...